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The projected production is 100,000 liters of anhydrous ethanol per day, which is equivalent to 30 million liters per year in 300 work days.

The light vinasse (one of the elements separated from the centrifugation) is sent to effluent treatment.

From the distillation process from molasses, we obtain Vinasse; and if we start from cereal in the production of this vinasse, after dehydration a moist solid product is obtained: burlada, which contains fibers and nutrients and is used for animal feed.

The plant produces Bioethanol from sugar cane molasses.

Our Plant

Strategically located in the north of the province of Santa Fe, in the General Obligado department, reactivates the region and adds value at source to the product.

Sustainability and care for the environment

The plant is designed with an effluent treatment system where we treat light vinasse, and where through biodigesters and with natural nutrients (animal manure), we will produce methane; which will supply us with 50% of the fuel that we will use in our plant.

It is a plant conceived in a sustainable and ecological way.



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